52 Books in 52 Weeks – An Introduction

The year to come…..

So 2016 is upon us and I’ve set myself a few goals to achieve this year. Not in a cliché New Year resolution kind of way – more of a yearlong target, more of list of things I want to achieve before the 31st of December rolls around again, more of a plan of attack for the year ahead.
So yeah, pretty much the typical New Year’s resolution cliché’s then really!?!
Well yeah, maybe, but as 2014 rolled around I resolved to run a half marathon and in the coarse, get in a reasonable shape. That year I did indeed get in shape somewhat and I did indeed run a half marathon! Success!
So when 2015 rolled around I resolved to up gears and this time sign up for a full marathon. Much sweat and pain later and I did indeed complete the whole 26.3 Mile course. Success again!
So it turns out that I am fond of the whole New Year’s resolution thing and I can actually stick to them and carry them out! Mad as that may sound, it does seem to work for me and I do work well when I set myself these long term goals.

Along with these physical goals I’ve always used every New Year as a time-frame in which to complete my next book. In 2014 I completed A Man Who Can See The Future, last year I finished the sequel (to be published any day now), and this year I will complete the trilogy and finish the final installment of the Bill Paxely journey.
A book every year seems like a good target for me and it’s worked well to help me plan and arrange my life and writing goals for the past few years.

So with all that said – now to my 2016 plans.
As I just mentioned, the third and final chapter of Bill Paxely’s tale will be completed and published this year. Another half marathon will be ran before the years out too, just to drive me to exercise and keep fit.
But I’ve set myself a bigger challenge this year to compliment both of these tasks – I want to read 52 books over the course of 2016.
52 Books in 52 weeks.
One a week.

Why am I doing this?
Well for starters my reading habits have slipped dramatically over the past couple of years to a point where I read around 10 books over the course of 2015! So I feel a definitive target will drive me to commit time and energy to the cause. Obviously I love to read and setting such a goal will ensure I keep focused and dedicated to the task and I also hope it will rub off on me as an author. After all I’ve seen two particular chestnuts from none other the Stephen King which alludes to the fact.
In his memoir On writing…he said great writers are great readers, and his number one tip for aspiring authors is to read, read, read, write, write, write.
Sounds like great advice from a man who knows all there is to know about this writing lark.
So 2016 I will read, read, read, and write, write, write.

Part two of the plan is to keep a little video log / diary of the whole thing. Why? Well because I want an outlet to digest the book I have just read every week and I hope by committing to review and discus the weeks reading I will give myself that extra little push to stay on track. To that end I’ve set up a YouTube channel dedicated to all of this. Every week I will talk about / review / discuss the book I have just finished – All in my own rambling, casual and hopefully entertaining fashion.

A Crazy plan right? Maybe? After all finishing a book every week is a tall target, especially when a full time job, physical fitness, and an entirely separate writing schedule have to be maintained at the same time. Well to keep myself on track and to keep myself excited and interested, I will read anything that catches my eye and seems interesting. I’ve no rules on my reading list and I will read novella’s or graphic novels if there is a week where things are particularly hectic (I are a few scheduled holidays that will interrupt routines), but in the main I will alternate between fiction and non-fiction, devouring anything that is intriguing or exciting to me. Then I will talk about it and put it on my channel just to add to the experience.
That’s my plan for 2016 so come join me, subscribe to the channel, give me tips, taunt me and tell me where I’m going wrong. In the end I hope I will be a better writer, a better reader – nay a ‘great reader’ as Mr King tells me I need to be.

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